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Dahlia: Doll “Leah”

May 14, 2009


That’s an awesome baby.  Lola and I were hanging out with Bennett on the back porch sofa at Lindsey’s house.  It was a pretty stellar moment.

I’m taking on a bread baking challenge.  I regularly follow Peter Reinhart’s blog (author of The Bread Baker’s Apprentice) and he mentioned a food blog that was starting a challenge for the BBA cookbook that I love.  So I checked it out and immediately decided to join.  You can see the challenge blog here.

Here’s the story: starting this week the group will bake one recipe/week starting with the first recipe in the book.  The book is arranged alphabetically so first on the list is Anadama bread.  There are somewhere around 45 different recipes in the book so this is going to take close to a year.  I think it’s going to be fun.  Some people are taking it really seriously with their food blogs and such, but I intend to mostly do this as a fun challenge to work through my cookbook.  Of course some weeks I will not be able to bake, but I can make two different breads in one week to keep on track as much as possible.  I’ve baked several of the recipes already, but I think it will still be fun to learn from others psycho baking with the group and to practice making yummy bread.  I’m going to post what I bake (hopefully with decent pictures) and also will add a page about the challenge/bread lineup/links to completed breads.

The catch: I don’t really like to eat what I bake that much, so, um, there’s going to be a lot of bread floating around my house in the next year.  You should seriously consider visiting and taking a bunch home with you or the birds around my house are going to get mighty fat.  Wait, are there birds in Chicago?  I’m not sure I’ve seen any in a long time.

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